September 12, 2006 - 12:04 AM

Five years later

I visited the World Trade Center site today after work. I couldn't decide what was more depressing, the fact that a new tower of twice the height wasn't standing on the spot, or the fact that serious and legitimate questions remain unanswered after half a decade. We have seen evidence from the crime scene of the largest mass murder this century destroyed within days of the event without being investigated. We've seen official government inquiries fail to address basic questions raised regarding the offical explanation of the day's events. We've seen government officials who can at best be described as grossly incompetent promoted and rewarded rather than kicked to the curb. To honor the victims of this heinous act of terrorism, we must immediately and relentlessly seek the whole truth.

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August 21, 2006 - 9:32 PM

British people are awesome

That's all I have to say, really.


10/3/06 by Jeff

I forgot to mention, Irish people are awesomer.

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July 22, 2006 - 3:54 AM

Two more years...

I never thought I'd be joining "that" crowd, but I'm being shoved awfully hard into their drum circle. Things have gone from bad to worse under our current president, and it's now to the point where I feel nauseated when I see him in the news. In his latest, and certainly not last, fuck-up, he of course aborted (very deliberate pun) the most important thing our government could possibly be spending MY money on, based on his delirious belief in a few-thousand-year-old fairy tale.

If it seems like I'm stretching for humor in this post it's because I'm not laughing anymore.

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